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happy birthday to meeee

Well a pretty quiet birthday this year, which is what I wanted so hooray!

Did go out to dinner at the Black Forest german restaurant with my lovely Dan, Fee and Ben. Twas lots of fun - some crazy good eats and lots of laughs :)

Here's some piccies:


cute little piano man! he alternated playing the piano and then hopping up, popping on his cute hat with feather, and doing the rounds with his piano accordion. He was taking requests so we got him to play the hofbrauhaus song ahhh it was cool!

Fee and her beer! :)

my first question was why is it wearing a scarf? to which either ben or fee (cant remember) pointed out a much more puzzling accessory - why is it wearing a wig? lmao


yay thanks for the night guys!
I hope everyone has been able to eat again by now hahaha <3

the letter!

Well - its a bit late to post this i guess - but our letters from santa in finland finally came after christmas!!!

We got very excited to see the envelope but yeah it wasn't what i was expecting!

Not so much a "letter" as a newsletter lol we'd thought it would be "dear so and so, santa hopes youve been a good boy/girl blah blah" but yeah, not so much.

Oh well still cute, and still postmarked from Santa's post office :) and it came with a little fold out calender with activities for each month hahaha :)

letter from santa

back of letter


well we got home wednesday 24th november - 23 hours of plane travel plus all the airport time later....a few people freaking us out and making things stressful for no reason....but we got home, and so did our luggage!

And despite me having to scramble to find my key to open my suitcase at customs, i did find it in the end and we were fine :P

Taxi home and SHOWERS! sweet sweet showers and clean clothes :) and aloe vera tissues! and soft toilet paper!
Damn getting sick on the second last day. Still - probably the best time to get sick, rather than at the start of the trip!
Just the plane landings with sinus problems - *SCREAMS* hahaha oh well enough whinging!

Time to settle back into normality!

Thank goodness its nearly Christmas!

Tuesday 16th November